Forex Trading Course

At ClubForex, we offer the most comprehensive and intensive Forex training course which covers all the critical aspects required to become a Forex Trader. We offer three different kinds of courses that you can choose from Main-course, One-on-One course or Crash-course. Courses are held online via zoom call or they can be in person depending on your location

During the Forex training course, you will be introduced to several remuneratively lucrative approaches that can be utilized in your trading including physiology. We do not sell signals, we do not trade for individuals, we teach and mentor our forex clients.


Mentorship begins after you have completed the course. Mentorship is held in person and over the webinar. Mentorship is designed to monitor your progress and give support where necessary. During mentorship, you be introduced to more advanced ways of analyzing the forex market and the better understanding on the psychology of trading, providing different strategies, etc. All this is included in the course fee which is paid once off.

During mentorship, you get to meet other ClubForex clients and this is where different trading ideas, mistakes are shared. By doing this, you learn from each other. You will also be added on a chat group where different analyses are shared.


All ClubForex clients have 24/7 support through any form of communication such phone call or WhatsApp messaging etc. Forex market is open 24/7 for trading, therefore it is our duty to ensure that we are always available to assisting you while you part of clubforex.

Clients will have enough time to put up strategies into practice and understanding the Physiology of trading under supervision and performance is monitored at all times.

At ClubForex we work alongside our clients in Analyzing the charts, share different trades until our clients are confident to trade on their own.


From beginner to advanced levels, you will gain an in-depth understanding of forex and how to trade currencies. Opes offers a dynamic spectrum of forex trading courses and education across a flexible range of learning styles.

Main Course

This course is offered in groups. The group course is designed for a maximum capacity of 5 to 10 students at a time to deliver a comprehensive learning experience.

The group course have set dates and times where the education will run over a period of one month, where sessions will be held every Tuesday's and Thursday's at 9PM UTC/GMT +2 hours via Zoom. Zoom link will be sent 5 minutes before the session kicks off. Students will have the course structure planned out for them from the start. After every section you will be able to ask any questions about the topics and essential daily tasks that have been taught

Crash Course

You have never traded before, you have no idea what trading is all about and how it works. However you have seen your friends making money from trading and you have an interest? Then the crash course is designed for you.

In this course, you will be taken through all the espects of trading and why you should get involved in the trading business. From understanding what trading is, using the platform, things you need to have before you could start trading, and also you will get to ask questions and you will be answered. The idea of this course is to ensure that you are equipt with all the knowledge you need to know before you could start getting into trading.

1-on-1 Course

This course is 5-day course that is offered throughout the week. It is completely tailored to your requirements and designed to cater for your exact needs. It is ideal for those who wish to ask questions and absorb knowledge at their own pace.

With the one-on-one course, you are able to ask questions at any time, recap sections of the course, and go back over topics as many times as you need to until you completely understand the theory and practice. Courses may be taught at the comfort of online or in person, tailored to your needs.